GlowTunes combines light and sound to create stunning works of art. The concept is simple: select the instrument of your choice, draw anything you'd like by turning on and off light pixels, then press play and watch as your unique drawing comes to life and creates it's very own beautiful melody!

★ A vivid 8 color drawing palette and the all new Rainbow Mode

★ Plenty of instruments to choose from!

★ Save and load your favorite Creations to show to your friends and family

Dance Party Crunkmas

Fast paced music based gameplay makes this the hottest app of the holidays. Swipe left, right, up, and down to the beat to score crazy high points. Rock the house with over two dozen Dubstep, Hip Hop, Dance, and Christmas remixes!

☆ That's french, no big deal. It means this app has more Dubstep, Dance, Hip Hop, and Christmas music than your phone can handle!

☆ Unlock all 5 characters with unique dance moves!

Digital Dash

Dash into the high speed adventure of the year! Your mission is to escape the digital world where Dubstep reins SUPREME! Jump, slide, and tilt your way past obstacles at increasingly dangerous speeds! Hair-pin turns require lightning fast reflexes and precision swipes!

☆ Tilt and swipe your way through uniquely generated maps that make every play a whole new adventure!

☆ Sharpen your skills and earn credits to unlock additional costumes, Dubstep tracks, and power-ups for you Dub-Mode!